During the process of preparing this updated strategy over the past two years, the draft version was sent for review and comment to Member States across the six WHO regions, 20 WHO Collaborating Centres for Traditional Medicine, 22 members of WHO’s Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional Medicine, global professional organizations in the field of traditional medicine, in particular five NGOs which have built up official relationships or working relations with WHO, and three related UN agencies – World Intellectual Property Organization, World Trade Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It has also profited from their experience and expertise. Four technical working group meetings (TWG) were conducted to revise the draft. Invited experts and governmental representatives from six WHO regions participated in the TWG meetings. Regional Advisors for Traditional Medicine in the six WHO regions and relevant technical units or departments within WHO were consulted and supplied material. Information from 129 countries’ reports and other sources supported the development of the strategy.

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