Dr Grace Nambatya Kyeyune`s

Born: April 1962 to Mary Perepetwa and Charles Sonko of Ssaza in Masaka district
Location: Namasuba, Entebbe Road
Status: Married
Work: Director of research, Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Laboratory (NCRL) —Wandegeya
Villa Maria Primary School from P.1 to P.5.
Kimanya Blessed Primary School(P.6)
Nkoni Primary School(PLE)
Trinity College Nabbingo-O and A’Level
Makerere University- bachelors of science degree in chemistry

Loughborough University (UK) a master of science degree in medicinal chemistry and a doctorate (PhD) in the same field.A post-graduate diploma in education (PGDE). It has helped her in teaching the community about herbal medicine. TEN years ago, praising herbal medicine would easily earn one the title witch. However, many Ugandans, especially those infected with chronic illnesses, are turning to herbal medicine and supplements for relief.

The negative perception about herbal medicine in the past would have perhaps been the same today had it not been for the director of research at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Laboratory (NCRL) in Wandegeya, Dr. Grace Kyeyune Nambatyaâs bold steps. With the tangible results her prescriptions have had on people’s health, many have embraced it. She started her campaign for herbal medicine 10 years ago.

Teaching people that herbs are important in protecting their lives has not been a simple task. But I am happy that today, confidence in herbal medicine has gone up by over 50%,Nambatya says.The reluctance by most Ugandans to use herbal medicine in favour of Western medicine was due to a colonial residual mentality.

Colonialists discouraged locals against taking herbs, saying Western medicine was better. Nambatya s goal is to see Ugandans appreciate and use natural products. We do also look at the quality of the products to ensure that they are commensurate with the health standards.


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