Welcome to the Chemistry Department

Chemistry section; the analytical unit carries out chemical investigations of natural products i.e. Phytochemical screening of bioactive ingredients in medicinal plants, fingerprinting using different chromatographic techniques and mineral analysis for both nutritional and toxic minerals. The industrial unit undertakes pilot extraction and processing of herbal products as a means to add value to herbal products.

  • Extraction of natural product with organic solvents using soxhlet and maceration techniques.

  • Concentration of organic extracts with the rotary evaporator and freeze drying techniques. 

  • Steam distillation of essential oils from plants or animal materials.

  • Chemical analysis of natural product material for pH and ash.

  • Qualitative phytochemical analysis of natural products/herbal extract (i.e reducing  compounds, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, coumarins, anthracenocides, protein, starch etc.)

  • Quantitative determination of total phenolic compounds, total flavonoids, total tannins, and total alkaloids.

  • fractionation, purification, isolation and quantification of the different phytochemicals from natural products extracts.

  • Phytochemical analysis of natural product extracts using TLC, FTIR, UV and HPLC techniques.

  • Determination of chemical structures of organic compounds.

  • Chemical stability tests on natural products.

  • Chemical  analysis of micro (Fe, Cu, Se, Pb, Hg, Ar) and macro (K, Na, Mg, Ca, And P)  elements in natural products and environment.

  • Formulation and standardization of natural products.

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